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December 30, 2014 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Uncategorized

Getting a new roof can be a bit expensive. There are times when a homeowner will have a bad storm come through with accompanying hail and damage their roof. And there are other types of naturally occurring damages to roofs like tornado’s and falling tree limbs that can also damage a home owners roof. Generally in situations like these we can and do work with a homeowners insurance company who is paying to have the roof replaced.

But then there are times when the roof is just worn out, and needs replacing. Unfortunately home owners insurance does not cover this and it becomes an out of pocket expense because it’s considered home maintenance. With a proper roof installation costing between $5000.00 and up this can get very expensive very quick.

Where to get a mortgage loan in Louisville KY?

We recommend that local Louisville KY residents and home owners across the river in Southern Indiana to contact our Mortgage Broker of choice John Moel.

He’s local to the area and lives right out in the east end and will work with you to secure the funds you may need. None of us want to take out a mortgage on our home but having a tightly sealed quality roof overhead protecting your biggest investment just makes good sense.

John gets high marks with us because he will shop your mortgage loan with all of the area lenders and this will make them compete by quoting lower rates. Our clients and even our selves have used him in the past and so far as a mortgage brokerage his is way above average when it comes to customer satisfaction.

How long will it take to pay the mortgage off?

That will depend entirely up to you the home owner. Typically though a small home equity loan can be payed off quickly. Then there are other clients we know that have borrowed a bit extra during the process to do other home remodeling projects thereby killing two birds with one stone.

So there it is. Give John a call and he will let you know what your options are and we look forward to hearing from you!